In the News

  • Clearfield High School

    We had a wonderful time performing for and coaching the music students at Clearview H.S. in Mullica Hill, NJ. What a fab music program they have there. Kudos to all their students and teachers.
  • New York Composers Circle Concert

    Looking forward to our performance for the NY Composers Circle!
  • CD Reviews are coming in!

    Five As One is garnering some wonderful reviews. Check out our CD Review page to see what others are saying about our new CD.
  • IT'S HERE!!

    We're so excited about our new CD, Five as One. Please check it out and get your very own. Available on Amazon and CDBaby or from any of the quintet members. Enjoy!!
  • FIVE AS ONE to be released Spring, 2018!

    We are thrilled to announce that our new CD, FIVE AS ONE, will be released on the ConBrio label this Spring, 2018. Check the Recordings page for more details.
  • Thanks to all who contributed so generously to our Kickstarter Campaign!

    UNDERWRITER: David and Leann Erickson SPONSOR: Marsha Burkett; Christian Bowers and Nicole Veri PATRON: Mary Kathryn Barth, Dr. Robert Baum, Kenneth Bell, Natalie Bowers, Grayson Bowers, Darius Koenig, Lyn Banghart, Matthew and Erin Rizk, J. Carlton Rowe, Susan Swope and Shirley Tannenbaum CONTRIBUTOR: John Angle, John and Gail Jones, Joseph Lovinsky, Philip Munds, Diana Nichols, Marcus Soll, Robert Schoeberlein, Chuck and Sharon Stafford, Ed Stanley, Markand Thakar FRIENDS: Michael Bell, Jamie Carrillo, Cheryl Harris, Joseph Lovinsky, Margaret McGillivray, Steve Ostrow, Judy Cheek, David Bell, Kashyap Patel, Daniel Bell
  • Recording Session at Sono Luminus

    We had an exhilarting recording session with Dan Mercuriuo at the Sono Luminus studios in Boyce, VA. Two 10-hour days left us exhausted with so excited about out upcoming CD. Stay tuned for more details.