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Bring the Sunderman Wind Quintet to your school!

Providing educational opportunities is an important part of the mission of the Sunderman Wind Quintet. As teachers and performers, we enjoy interacting with children of all ages, engaging them in learning about our instruments and the music we perform. We are happy to present in general music, theory and music history classes and well as interactive performances for school ensembles. And we love to coach student chamber ensembles and provide instruction in sectional settings.

The Sunderman Quintet coordinates an active chamber music program at the Sunderman Conservatory. Quintet members coach student wind quintets, quartets, as well as smaller ensembles. A highlight of this program are frequent side-by-side collaborations, performing works from the double quintet literature with our students.

The quintet also works with young composers who are interested in learning to compose chamber music for winds. We provide a forum where they can hear their music performed by professionals and receive constructive comments with the opportunity to return multiple times with revisions. These learning opportunities often result in a public performance of the student’s composition.